Saturday, January 18, 2014

My scrapbook beginnings!

So I have been wanting to get into Scrapbooking for a while now, 1 because it's crafty and super cute and, 2 because it gives me a reason to buy those cute Scrapbooking pages from hobby lobby (yes, I'm a compulsive hoarder, but that is a topic for another day and another type of blog) Today, I finally pulled the trigger! I ran up to the Walmart and bought the cheapest album they had (because of my tendency to quit things. I know- bad bad bad) and got a bunch of those cute papers from Hobby Lobby, and I started scrapbooking! I wanted to post my first page here to show everyone. This is by no means a tutorial on how to scrapbook, in fact, I'd love any tips you could give me! I'd like to post more about my scrapbooking journey on later dates, so let me know if you'd like it.
I decided to use a picture of my dog and I, because I love her and also because that was the best picture I could find at the moment. Next time, I'll hopefully be able to print out more photos to use! So there it is. Happy crafting! 


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