Monday, January 20, 2014

DIY watercolor bookmarks

Today I'm going to go over what I did to make these water color bookmarks! Here's what they look like:
They are super easy, and would make a perfect little treat for anyone who loves to read! It would also be a good idea if you need to get treats for a large group of people and don't want to spend a lot of money. 
Here's what you'll need:
• paint chips (your choice of color)
•paint (I used craft paint)
• a paint brush
• some foil of a paper plate to put squirt your paint onto
•something to go under everything so you don't get paint on anything! (I used this vinyl Texas tablecloth!)
Oh and don't forget your root beer! 

After gathering up my supplies, I squirted just a little bit of each color I was using (red, green, blue, and white) I decided to paint the stem first. 
Pretty simple. I just drew a line and a few leaves. The less perfect, the neater it looks, in my opinion. Since the store I got the paint from didn't carry a lot of color choices for paint, I mixed the red and white for my pink flowers.
Next I just painted on the flowers. 
You could leave it like that, but I decided to add another stem and flower.
And that's it! Just let it dry. Super fast and easy, and I think they're so cute! Here's after they all dried.
Hope you enjoyed and happy crafting!


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